my heart is empty, like my nutella jar. -kmr

I’m deciding I might change up this account into more of a tumblr girl type thing…still not sure though but I promised myself once got a new camera I might so stay tuned…. :D

    Interviewer: If you could go back and change anything, what would you change?
    Me: Sleep.
    Interviewer: Okay, next question...
    me at 3am: after you die you have seven seconds of brain memory left so what if I'm dying and everything that's going on right now is just my memories slowed down while I'm dying
    other tumblr users: go to sleep

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I accidentally deleted tumblr and it’s been hard to get it back!

*posts picture on Facebook of feet over yellow line in subway* *person standing behind checks Facebook* *gets pushed off*

so I’m pretty sure this like green limo car is stalking me but idk I’m walking by it like wtf bro